Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fall Break and Teacher Organization Binder!

Hi friends!
     How is October treating everyone? October has to be one of my favorite months of the year. The breeze blows a little crisper, the leaves are a lot more colorful, and the festivities are so fun! This year I happen to be enjoying October a little more than usual, as I am enjoying the sights and sounds of Orlando, Florida! So yeah, I'm kinda missing out on all of my favorite Midwest fall festivities, but nothing compares to swimming, laying out, and listening to island music for a week after months of stressful fun school work!

The view from my balcony! Orlando, FL
With my Mom by the pool yesterday evening!

   While I have been floating around with an umbrella in my drink, I have also been working on a new Teacher Organization Binder that I made for myself several weeks ago. I was inspired by so many organizational binders that have been floating around TpT, Pinterest, and even my colleagues at work. I sort of combined the best of the best and even added in a few things I felt were important/useful too!

The result is an adorable Chevron Themed Teacher Organization Binder! It turned out so great that I think I am going to have to redo my personal binder at school (as soon as I get back to Indiana that is... haha). If you want to check out my Chevron Themed Teacher Organization Binder, click {here}.

How is everyone else planning to spend their Fall Break? Are you looking forward to your own fall festivities, spending time at home in your jammies and sleeping in til 8 am, or are you jet setting to a warmer location?


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