Friday, August 3, 2012

*Freebie* Friday!

Hey ya'll! How is everyone's week going? I have been crazy busy this week. In addition to getting my room ready, lesson planning, and doing home visits, I had a 3 day orientation for my school district for all new hires. Each day, orientation lasted from 8:00-3:00, so it didn't leave much time for extra blogging time. I am SOOO glad it's Friday ya'll, so to celebrate the weekend, I decided to do a Freebie Friday!

I have been making a TON of stuff for my room, so I thought I would post some of it for you to use, if you wish!

First of all, I saw several "sharp" and "dull" pencil labels floating around the Pinterest universe, but none that I really loved. So, of course I made my own! I tell you what, I don't know how in the world something so little could make me so happy, but it does! I also have a pencil sharpener job on my job board, and these little labels will make the routine so much easier to teach and implement!

Talk about micro-organization :)

Click {here} for your FREE copy of these adorable pencil cup labels.

In addition to this freebie, I have ANOTHER freebie! I've been one busy girl on my Macbook, and loving every minute of it. The school where I work requires us to post the acronym W.A.L.T. {We Are Learning To} our board  as a way to display our learning objectives every day. If your school just so happens to expect the same, or if you just want the letters as well, here they are!

Check them out {here}!

I hope you are able to use one of these freebies in your classroom! If you do, leave me a comment and let me know how you like it!

Lastly, as a 3rd grade teacher, I think time telling is a VERY important skill for our students to learn for many reasons. I have been searching for ways to implement as much time telling into my lessons, and I ran across this great idea! In addition to managing your student's bathroom trips AND creating a clear classroom routine, these worksheets also get students to tell time with every bathroom trip! Students must sign-out and sign back in every time they use the restroom during class! I LOVE it!

Check them out {here} at my Teachers Pay Teachers store. 


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