Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring is in the air!

Hi everyone! With the weather getting warmer and the days getting a little longer, it’s hard to deny the fact that spring has arrived! Spring Break was a like a little gift from Heaven… I had no idea I needed a break so bad until a few days into it, and I felt my body relax for the first time in MONTHS. I felt like I could finally take some deep breaths, sleep, and catch up on other areas of my life that had been neglected since January!

After a few days of bliss, I decided to go back to my old workplace and make some money while I had the time. I am a poor student teacher, ya’ll! So, I tied on my old black apron and waited tables just like the good ol’ days. I have waited tables since high school and all through my five years of college. It was nice to see all of my old customers and meet some new hires. Here’s a pic of the pile of lemons I cut during open last weekend… over 42 lemons {I counted!} :)
tmp_1333731346092_27_2012-04-06_12-56-02_465     Our first week back, I couldn’t wait to do some fun Easter/ Spring activities with my kiddos! I came up with a writing activity that was so fun! The kids wrote using the writing prompt “I’m the HOPPIEST when…” Then, we made cute faces with bunny ears! I used white paper in the shape of a bunny tail and wrote their names on them. They are now on our new Spring bulletin board! The kids love it when their work goes in the hallway :)

  I drew this little guy to put next to my bulletin board!

We colored Easter eggs to hang on our clothespin line…

I also came up with this little writing activity for our creative writing block…
They had to pretend they were Easter eggs and decide what they would look like, where they would hide, and what would be inside! They were all giggling and smiling as they wrote these! It was hilarious!
2012-04-04_17-06-14_210      2012-04-04_17-06-23_5052012-04-04_17-06-36_225        2012-04-04_17-06-48_812

This week in my class, we used a lot of great activities I found in Melissa Shaw’s unit “Let’s Celebrate Easter” on TpT. Download it {here}
“I’m like a peep because…”
This week is another short week for us {YAY!} I am sooooo looking forward to another long weekend, but this also means that I have to cram 5 days of work into 4 days. Yeah, I little bit of a challenge. This causes me to forget what day it is sometimes. For example, on Wednesday I thought it was Thursday, and when you think it’s Thursday when it’s really Wednesday, you forget to take your class to ART. Yes, this really happened. A lot of teachers saw this as a great opportunity to share their first year teaching stories, so they made me feel a lot better, but boy was I embarrassed!
Gotta just laugh it off!

I am happy to report that our Spring Easter Party was a success! I had the chance to meet a few more of our amazing parents, and the kiddos had fun making rattle snakes out of easter eggs and M&Ms!

This week was a crazy one, but as I was leaving school yesterday afternoon evening (I was at school until 7:00 last night) I started to realize how fast this whole experience has flown by. My last day is April 27th, and with that only being a few weeks away, I am beginning to realize how lucky I have been and how incredible this whole experience has truly been. I have formed friendships that I know will last past student teaching, and fell in love with the most amazing group of 7 year olds on earth.

{Feeling a little sentimental...} I snapped some pictures of the classroom as I left.

My desk:

Work table and hooks for the kids’ backpacks and coats.


The kiddos’ desks:

A great find from the Target dollar aisle... $1 for the folder/paper holder. I spent most of my afternoon/evening cleaning miscellaneous papers out of it and finally organizing them!


I decided to start posting our daily schedule in the hallway near the door:


Hope you enjoyed reading a little update about some of the recent activities that have been going on in our classroom! Thanks for reading!
Now off to watch The Adventures of Tintin … I hear it’s a great movie!


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