Sunday, March 25, 2012

“When I Was Sick” Creative Writing and Centers

There are no words that I could use to describe how happy I am to be on Spring Break! I woke up at 8:00 this morning on my own, so I feel that I am finally catching up on my sleep a little bit. Usually on the weekends, I sleep ‘til 11:00 at least because my body goes into a mini-coma. I’m just so exhausted all of the time, so waking up feeling great just has me so happy right now!
Today I plan on being absolutely positively LAZY! But before I continue to enjoy this great lazy day, I thought I would post some pictures of a few things we have been doing the past few weeks. (I know, I should keep up with it a little more, but there are just NOT enough hours in the day!)
So for any of those who are wondering, here is my lesson plan book. I ordered it from Amazon and I like it. I don’t love it. The boxes are too small. I do like that I can see my entire week at a glance, but I also don’t like that everything was in blue ink. The seller didn’t post a picture of the inside of the book when I bought it, otherwise I would’ve thought twice about it.

The outside is very cute though :)

Besides teaching full time, lesson planning full time, writing a 62 page paper, doing any extra “fun stuff” for the kids, I am also supposed to be journaling EVERY DAY. This is proving to be difficult. But at least it’s cute too!
On Thursdays, we always do centers from 2:00 to 2:50. I love center time, because it allows me to include some activities that we don’t always have time for during our regular day! I found all of these activities for free on my favorite blogs. Usually when I see something I think I could use, I print it off and put them in sheet protectors in on of these binders:

Then when I am planning centers, I go through my binders and pull things that relate to what we are working on at the time, something that will practice a skill, and that looks fun!

Not a great picture, but below is a center that works on words that end in –s and –es. Each flash card has a word on it. Then the students record the word on the chart {handout shown in the picture} and add the appropriate ending.
DSC01533DSC01534 DSC01535
Click {here} for the Plural Word Sort!
I also found this adorable activity called Blast Off! The kids think it’s a game, but it is a great way to practice sight words. I write and copy sight words across the top of the paper. Then, students roll dice. They write the word that corresponds to the number they rolled. It’s simple, and effective. I love it!
DSC01539DSC01536DSC01538   DSC01540
I also found this great center activity from the Rowdy in First Grade blog!
Click {here} to download Magic “E” cards!
Next, I want to share with you this adorable creative writing activity! We did this a couple of weeks before St. Patty’s Day, but I just hadn’t found the opportunity to post it yet! The kids did such a great job with it!
DSC01659DSC01660DSC01661         DSC01662DSC01663        DSC01664DSC01665         DSC01666DSC01667  DSC01668   DSC01669
Lastly, here is an quick picture I took with my cell phone of the gifts my students gave me after recess. They are so sweet and innocent…. how could you not love them?

Everyone have a great Sunday!

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