Saturday, February 4, 2012

Contraction Surgery!

     Hey everyone! I hope ya'll have had a great week! Unfortunately I came down with a horrible case of bronchitis and a sinus infection at the end of last week and am spending this weekend trying to get better. I had to take my 1st sick day yesterday (Friday), and I just am not too happy about that. I'm hoping that by Sunday night I will be feeling like a brand new woman...

Now to the good stuff... :)

On my last post I mentioned I had some blog worthy things planned for my kiddos, so here's some pics!

Contraction Surgery
  • For this lesson, I totally had to act the part to sell the surgery aspect of the activity to get the kids into it. I wanted to model 2 cards before I let them loose with my word cards and scissors (scalpels).... so I pretended that surgery was imminent for the poor little word card and we, as a class, must act quickly. Surgery must be performed. "How can I make these 2 words into one shorter word?" I asked. Since we had been practicing contractions in the lesson already, they all quickly shouted "You're!" By this time, I could tell they were really beginning to buy into it :) So I held up my "scalpel" and said, "Do I cut it here?", purposely putting the scissors on the wrong part of the word, and I hear 'Noooo!!" I moved the scissors, "Here?" "Nooooo!" the kiddos said! Finally Miss Jackson got it right and they all yelled "Yes!!!!" This was a way for me to do a quick group assessment. After I performed my "surgery", I very dramatically stated we needed to bandage the word up, and QUICKLY! "Band-aid, fast!" I said. So, the band-aids were used in the place of the apostrophe. The kids LOVED it! I did another quick example with them as a group to make sure they all understood the activity before letting them loose. I also drew up a cute little surgeon man to use as an anchor chart for all of our little contraction surgeries. After school that day, I put them on the back of our classroom door for the kiddos to see :)

Our little surgeon! 

That's all I have time for tonight! I'll try to post some more pics later this week :)

-Hannah Jackson

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